Avengers Infinity War Josh Brolin (Thanos) Leather Costume Vest

Avengers Infinity War Josh Brolin (Thanos) Leather Costume Vest


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Infinity War Josh Brolin Costume Leather Vest

The trend of having hands on vests was not much popular previously but nowadays people have been found much inclined towards having handed over vests and this has led to the makers make more and more vests. The main reason behind this inclination is the fact of these vests being featured on the movies and among the celebrities. This Thanos Vest is also one such amazing example of having hands on something pretty amazing and much worth going for. This Josh Brolin Infinity War Vest has been finished using the best quality leather being a choice between genuine and faux leather and the color is a blend of blue and brown being a touch of camel colored finish. This Thanos Avengers Vest has a front with the pullover style and their lies zipped closure on the collar edges which is are particularly for the purpose of just enhancing the outlook. This Thanos Leather Vest has an inner made using the viscose material and looks great upon taking the vest first look too. This Thanos Costume Vest is a perfect choice to be carried on all kinds of casual occasions without a doubt for sure.

Product Features

  • Inner of viscose
  • Front pullover style
  • Blue and camel color finishing
  • Zipped closure at collars
  • Round collar

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