Eobard Thawne The Reverse Flash Yellow Leather Costume

Eobard Thawne The Reverse Flash Yellow Leather Costume


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If there is a costume party coming up and you are looking forward to sporting a costume that will make you look all stylish and cool and at the same time allow you to proclaim your love for a certain TV series, it is the Eobard Thawne The Reverse Flash Leather Costume that you will find to be rather perfect for the purpose. This meticulously designed costume has all the ingredients which allow it to be among the most prefect costumes that you can hope to find. The quality has been maintained to the highest of standards ensuring that the costume has a luxurious feel to it. It has also been ensured that you do not feel uncomfortable in the costume. Inner viscose lining has been used for the purpose

Product Features:

  • External: high quality genuine leather
  • Internal: viscose lining
  • Front: flash logo
  • Color: yellow and green

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