Men Slimfit Urban Brown Leather Jacket

Men Slimfit Urban Brown Leather Jacket


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A sturdy one this time for the harsh and cold winters will obviously work in a better way due to genuine quality leather material being used in its preparation. Layout of the jacket has broad chest which enhances your manly and bold appearance. Traps and shoulders of the jacket are padded one with standing collars. For the collar closure, snap tab button is used. Jacket has been accessorized with multiple pockets and all of them have zippers. Chest has two horizontal while waist has two vertical zipper pockets. Jacket has front zipper for closure with close cuffs. Cuffs have the zipper closure.

Product Features:

  • Side belts
  • Front zipper closure
  • Leather material
  • Snap tab button closure
  • Standing collars
  • Full sleeves with zipper cuffs
  • Four outside zipper pockets

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