Men's Brown Motorcycle Style Leather Vest

Men's Brown Motorcycle Style Leather Vest


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Men's Brown Motorcycle Leather Vest is an exclusively created designer style pure leather jacket which stands as the best quality versatile biker jacket whose outer core is made of 100% real leather whereas it is completely comfortable and cozy internally to allow complete breathability of air. To preserve the appealing elegance, Distressed Brown Motorcycle Leathet Vest comes in a dull brown color shade whereas the front is adorned with a vest that uniquely offers a glamorous tap button collar. The most unique aspect related to this Men's Motorcycle Leather Vest is that its central zip is bring replaced with buttons complimented with two uniquely shaped orthodox pockets which are located on the height of the chest so that you look uniquely different for sure!


• Best quality biker jacket with outer core made of 100% real leather
• Comfortable and cozy internally
• Color is a dull brown
• Front comes with a vest that offers a tap button collar
• Complete closure assisted by virtue of buttons
• Central zip replaced with buttons •Two versatile strap buttons design on shoulder.
• Two uniquely shaped orthodox pockets on the height of the chest

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