24 Series Jack Bauer Brown Leather Jacket

24 Series Jack Bauer Brown Leather Jacket


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If you wish to stand out in a sea full of people wearing brown leather jackets then the 24 Series Jack Bauer Brown Leather Jacket is the jacket you need to accomplish that. It is yet another exclusive piece because of that very rare shade of brown which a definite must have. It gives a very decent and toned down look to any attire.

Product Features:

  • It is available in all sizes and may also be customized as per your measurements as well if you want.
  • You may choose from two different materials; faux leather and genuine leather.
  • You also have another color option apart from brown, which is black.
  • Coming towards the design it is rather simple; stitched with a lining inside, plain, straight sleeves and a slightly broad collar.
  • It has two pockets; one on each side with an overlap closure.
  • It has four big chunky brown buttons on the front closure.

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