Akira Kaneda Pill Red Motorcycle Replica Jacket Costume

Akira Kaneda Pill Red Motorcycle Replica Jacket Costume


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Replica Akira Kaneda Pill Red Motorcycle Jacket is the most  amazing leather jacket which is a legendary costume worn by “Shotaro Kaneda” who beautifully played the most popular role of hedonism aspirer great gang leader in one of the most super hit Japanese movie most famously titled as “Akira”. The widely recognized movie is an extremely applauded animated cyberpunk best action film which was set in the most outstandingly futuristic Tokyo with unique and touching cyberpunk tones. The great movie became so much widely as well as hugely popular that it is still considered to be a most adorable  trademark ever produced in the history of Japanese film industry. So wrap yourself with the most unique Akira red attire which is indeed a true bikers jacket with gorgeous design that is simply beyond being irresistible!


  • Cent percent genuine cowhide leather
  • Best quality Polyester lining used inside 
  • Snappy Snap tab buttoned frontal shutting
  • Complimented with Hand warmers
  • Special Bikers design
  • Magnanimous Round cuffs with snap tabs
  • Logo Design Capsule printed on back
  • Low collar unique design
  • Inspires From the movie “Akira”
  • Celebrity costume Worn by “Shotaro Kaneda”
  • Beautiful Color (Red)

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