Lara Croft Rise of The Tomb Raider Aviator Brown Leather Jacket

Lara Croft Rise of The Tomb Raider Aviator Brown Leather Jacket


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Lara Croft Rise of The Tomb Raider Leather Jacket

Lara croft is a famous character, which is loved by the players of Tomb Raider. She has a strong personality and her Aviator has some stylish dresses. This brown leather jacket is one of the most famous aviator for her. This is a leather slim fit jacket, which a woman can’t resist. The jacket has coat style fur collar, which is wide and in light brown color. The color of the jacket itself is dark brown. It has front zip closure, which is on one side of the jacket. The other side has a stitched line to balance the design. There is beautiful stitching pattern on waistline. Buckles on both sides are also present for trendy look. A belt is also given to give the slim fit look to the female body. It gives a very classy look and everyone can look like the Lara croft now. It is manufactured with the leather but viscose lining makes it comfortable to wear. You can wear it with any brown shade trouser. It offers comfort, style and warmth, together.

Product description

  • Ladies leather jacket
  • Viscose lining
  • Long sleeves
  • Front zip closure
  • Stitching pattern on waistline
  • Coat style fur collar
  • Belt on waist

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