The King of Fighters Game Kyo Kusanagi Leather Jacket

The King of Fighters Game Kyo Kusanagi Leather Jacket


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Kyo Kusanagi Costume Leather Jacket

Costume jackets are always the most wonderful items to go for which have been designed in such a pleasant way that one may never think of diverting their minds on any side. However, when it comes to getting hands on the best collection of the clothing this jacket is one of a very decent and appealing choice. Normally celebrity clothing is not a perfect replica but this one does a great justice and appears to be the best looking kind of choice to go for. This jacket has been finished in such a wonderful way that one may not explain, the material used in the making of this jacket is genuine leather and people may also opt for the faux leather too. The front of this jacket has been provided with the making of quilted pattern and there is a front closure of buttons. The length of the jacket itself is a shorter one that falls till the waistline and the inner has been made using the viscose material. The sleeveless look and the variation in sizes is also a cherry on the top for the buyers.

Product Features

  • Front closure of buttons
  • Inner of viscose
  • Sleeveless style
  • Leather finished with a choice of genuine leather and faux leather

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