Tom Hardy Bane Outfits In Dark Knight Rises

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Dark Knight Rises a superhero film realease in 2012 directed by Christopher Nolan, its a DC Comics based movie. its a sequel of Batman Begins realease in 2005 and The Dark Knight release in 2008, In IMDB the movie rating is 8.6 that is constant till today, its most seeing movie in the globe, the revenue received this movie is above $1.010 billion that is very remarkable for that type movie. "Tom Hardy" is a most promenent character of this movie playing the character of "Bane" staring himself as a Liberator who want to destroy Gotham City, he was a member of League of Shadows, Bane is a terrorist character both in mind and his action.


Tom Hardy describing fighting style of Bane Character is Brutal, he defeat Batman and totally destroy his soul for the end of his life, his style payback the result, his fight is not only to destroy some city but see the fear in the eye of people for long time, the costume wearing by him suite his personality very perfectly. the designer did good effort to make the costume that perfectly match to the character of Bane.


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