Avengers Infinity War Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes) Costume Jacket

Avengers Infinity War Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes) Costume Jacket


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Sebastian Stan Avengers Infinity War Costume Jacket

This Costume Jacket as the name suggests is a jacket which is definitely an inspiration from a celebrity and a movie and so is called a Costume Jacket. This Winter Soldier Jacket has been finished in the most stylish and appealing manner and looks great when worn. This Bucky Barnes Jacket has a blend of leather finished material and the buyers may either go for the genuine leather or they may opt for the faux leather. The Jacket has a base of black color and has an embossed pattern of thick stripes at the front side which is featured in the diagonal layout. This White Wolf Jacket has an inner made with viscose which ensures comfort and the slanted pattern of zipping also looks great. This Sebastian Stan Costume Jacket has sleeves in full length with the abstract design in white color and is a fabulous outlook to feature. This Avengers Infinity War Costume Jacket must be present in the wardrobe of every person no matter what and looks great in all regards. This Bucky Barnes Infinity War Jacket has pockets too on the sides and the thick rounded collar is also a feature to look forward. There are various sizes available in the making and this jacket turns out to be something trendy and great to go for.

Product Features

  • Inner of viscose
  • Black color
  • Leather finished material
  • Round collar
  • 2 side zipper pockets

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