Ciri The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Leather Costume

Ciri The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Leather Costume


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For people having an innate desire of appearing different from others, the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Leather costume is all they want.  Being one of the most unique costumes, the Wild Hunt Leather costume can make you stand out from the crowd with its exclusive design and appealing look.

The costume is made up of different shades of brown, the shade being light at the top and the darkest as it reaches the bottom.  The front of the costume is made up of various belts while its back features an armor.  The pants are designed with elegant stones making the costume even more appealing.  In a nutshell, the costume is capable of getting you in to the limelight. The Witcher 3 Leather Costume can be purchased from Slimfitjackets.co.uk at a discounted price.

Product Features:

  • External: premium leather, faux leather
  • Front: collection of belts
  • Collar:  round collar lifted up from the edges
  • Back:  equipped with an armor
  • Pants:  designed with stones
  • Color: various shades of brown and black
  • Inspired by:  Ciri the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

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