Avengers Infinity War Chris Hemsworth (Thor) Costume Leather Vest

Avengers Infinity War Chris Hemsworth (Thor) Costume Leather Vest


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Chris Hemsworth Avengers Costume Vest

Leather vests their days have been too much in the fashion and are taking a toll over everyone out there like anything, this Thor Costume Vest is a beauty which provides for a perfect choice of all times. This Chris Hemsworth Vest has been a perfect choice which may be manufactured either by way of using the genuine leather finish or the faux leather finish and the color featured on the base amounts being black color. This Thor Black Vest has been provided with the inner of viscose and gives a perfectly seamless outlay. This Thor Leather Vest has a front with embossed patterns that enhance the overall look and beauty of this vest and makes it pretty adventurous and tough in terms of the looks too. This Thor Infinity War Vest is a great choice which must never be compromised and when a person may get it at such an affordable price what else could be asked for. There are various sizes available in the making and there is also a choice of customization as well. This Costume Leather Vest since has been a celebrity inspired choice may be worn on casual occasions without a doubt.

Product Features

  • Inner of viscose
  • Front style with pullover
  • Black color
  • Leather finished material
  • Removable Sleeves

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