Unisex Star-Lord Inspired Guardians The Galaxy Jacket

Unisex Star-Lord Inspired Guardians The Galaxy Jacket


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The star lord jacket got so famous since its arrival that there rose a need to develop this product not only for men but for women also. The jacket offers almost identical features just as the men`s version of this jacket. The thing which is focused more on is actually the angles and the dimensions the jacket has to offer, as this is the unisex version, so the designer has kept it pretty neat on the sides so that it fits the women & men body perfectly.


  • Exterior: Pure and original leather.
  • Interior:  Polyester lining.
  • Front: Straight central zipper accompanied by the dotted design pattern and a series of fake buttons on the right side.
  • Back: Plain.
  • Sleeves: Full sleeves with strap hooks on the biceps.
  • Collar: Low round neck collar.

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