Dean Winchester Supernatural (Jensen Ackles) Green Jacket

Dean Winchester Supernatural (Jensen Ackles) Green Jacket


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Product Code: MJ-315

Dean Winchester is the most heart-throbbing character of the most superb Supernatural series. Much of the popularity associated with this stunning character is because of the enthralling long green jacket. This genuine leather jacket is so creatively designed regardless of the anatomy of its wearer. The fascinating shape of the great jacket is just perfectly designed for bulkier people and even thinner people no matter what kind of attire you prefer. It has four trendy prominent pockets, where each of the pocket has a unique large, customary design round button. These are the same buttons which are also popularly used to pull the sides of the jacket perfectly together. There is a smart looking standing collar to avoid cold out. The genuine leather jacket has a warm and comfortable fabric inside. It is a actually a very stylish piece of perfect designer work which provides ultimate grace as well as comfort to the wearer.


• Unique Standing collar

• Perfectly Comfort fit

• Wonderful button closure

• Unique and trendy pockets 

• Inspired from Supernatural Dean Winchester

• Long length Coat

• Attractive Green Color

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