Breaking Bad Season 5 Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) Black Leather Jacket

Breaking Bad Season 5 Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) Black Leather Jacket


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Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) is an all time favorite most brilliant super hero with elegant beauty not only nourished in his deep blues eyes and fair skin color; but also exhibited in his dashing personality and terrific acting. The vibrance of his personality is well reflected in his apparel, esp. the most popular Breaking Bad Season 5 Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) Jacket. The uniquely styled costume comes in genuine collar less design with the exterior adorned using best quality cowhide leather. The Shoulder Epaulets are specifically defined for the sake of muscular definition. The best quality branded YKK zipper defines the front of the jacket, making it completely worthwhile. So get yourself adorned with the most super cool guy's superb costume and let yourself spread thunders around!!


• Magnificent Alluring look and glorious style

• Exterior adorned using cowhide and best quality faux leather

• Inner glazed using Polyester Lining

• Shoulder Epaulets defined for muscular definition

• Best Quality Branded YKK zipper at front

• Two versatile horizontal pockets on the chest

• Complimented with Two vertical hand warmers

• Greatly Inspired from Breaking Bad Season 5

• Adorably Worn By Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman

• Collar less versatile design

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