Cafe Racer Biker Vintage Distressed Leather Jacket

Cafe Racer Biker Vintage Distressed Leather Jacket


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Cafe Racer Brown Distressed Leather Jacket

You cannot go wrong with this wonderful leather jacket if you are looking for something unique as a biker jacket. It is so good looking that you will easily become the centre of attraction wherever you go wearing this outerwear. It is the distressed leather look of this jacket that is the main reason behind its attraction. With a brown color that looks dark and light at different places, this jacket will give you the kind of rough and tough personality that you have always dreamt about. Made from authentic quality soft to touch leather, this jacket gives a very royal feeling to the user. It not only looks but also feels very expensive. It is such a great jacket that you will be tempted to wear it not only at casual events but also in formal settings. A unique design has been made on the front at the chest to give this jacket a more mesmerizing look.

Product Features

  • Café racer vintage biker jacket
  • Brown color distressed leather
  • Erect collars
  • Full zip at the front
  • Zipped pockets on the chest
  • Beautiful design at the front

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