Cafe Racer Vintage Slim Fit Motorcycle Leather Jacket For Men

Cafe Racer Vintage Slim Fit Motorcycle Leather Jacket For Men


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Vintage Biker Men Retro Leather Jacket

Are you a passionate biker very particular about your gear? Have you become bored with your old black biker jacket? If yes, then look no further than this beautiful café racer vintage leather jacket.  It is a beautiful jacket that will make you feel confident as a biker and greatly enhance your personality. This all black leather jacket is a marvel of craftsmanship. It carries a beautiful design on its chest made using strips of same leather that is used to make the jacket. These diagonal strips that are stitched to the body of the jacket provide a very glamorous look to this outerwear. The jacket has a short, erect collar that can be closed using a snap tab button. The jacket has a zipped closure at the front and it is lined with viscose to provide maximum comfort to you for a long time. You can us this jacket for not just biking but also to look great while moving in the outdoors.

Product Features

  • Vintage racer jacket for men
  • Made from black leather
  • All black design
  • Zipped closure at the front
  • Unique design on the chest
  • Stand collars with snap tab button​​

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