Cafe Racer Vintage Distressed Black Biker Leather Jacket

Cafe Racer Vintage Distressed Black Biker Leather Jacket


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Men's Motorcycle Black Biker Leather Jacket

If you are fond of biking and make sure that you in proper gear while riding your bike, this is the jacket you need to feel like a professional racer. This distressed black leather jacket beautified using yellow stripes is all you need to hog the limelight wherever you go wearing this outerwear. This café racer vintage jacket is not just beautiful to look at but also highly stylish and very comfortable to wear an outerwear. It has a classic design with short erect collars and a zipper at the front. The yellow piping that has been used on the pockets on the chest and the waist give a very appealing look to this jacket. Another added feature is double stripes on the sleeves. There is a unique pattern on the shoulders that reminds one of the Wi-Fi sign. You can wear this jacket on all casual occasions in the outdoors.

Product Features

  • Black distressed leather jacket for men
  • Vintage looks and classic design
  • Erect collars
  • Yellow piping on pockets
  • Unique design on shoulders
  • Lined with viscose on the inside

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